Honest Sleep, Sleep with Nature, and Savvy Rest USDA/Greengard Gold Certified Organic Mattresses, Toppers, and Platform Frames

Savvy Rest 100% Certified Organic Latex
7" or 10" Serenity or Tranquility

Twin/TwXL Mattress Only Starting at $1699
Full Mattress Only Starting at $2399
Queen Mattress Only Starting at $2499
Kg/CK Mattress Only Starting at $3299
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3" (or 5" +$100) Natural Cotton and Wool Wrapped Soft or Medium Firm Latex (+200) Shiki Futon Mattress (+$100 for Organic Wool)
3” Twin Matt Only: $649 w/Coupon- $549
3” TwXL/Full Matt Only: $749 w/Coupon- $649
3” Queen Matt Only: $879 w/Coupon- $679
3” King/CK Matt Only: $949 w/Coupon- $749

*These Drop Ship for $50 anywhere in the Contiguous USA!-No added flame retardant! 100% USDA Certified Cotton Fiber, American Grown Chemical Free Wool, 14-32 Lbs. of Firm Support (Depending on Size

Why do we recommend All-Foam Natural Talalay and 100% Organic Hevea Tree Talalay Latex Mattresses for Side and Back Sleepers more than any other product?
While you sink through memory foams, Talalay Latex lifts your body for a unique floating sensation which relieves tension and relaxes your muscles delivering a more rejuvenating and healthy nights’ sleep. Latex is actually supple “rubber” not “foam” that responds instantly to body position changes. You'll feel the difference immediately from slow reacting memory foams and even Dunlop and Futuratex or Hevealux Continual Pour latex when used as a surface foam in mattresses!

 Talalay Latex foam is breathable. Unlike synthetic Memory, Futuratex, or Dunlop Latex foams, the open-cell composition of Talalay latex promotes heat to escape away from the body during warm summer nights. Also, it is temperature-neutral and won’t become firmer or cold during winter months for a consistent feel year-round.

 Talalay Latex offers great support and conformity, while at the same time being the softest of the new high-density foams or gels. Side and back sleepers have more pressure in their shoulder and hip areas than any other spot on the body and need a plush and conforming surface, yet extra support in the mattress. Talalay Latex proves to be the best product for these types of sleepers because not only does it promote proper spinal alignment and pressure relief, it is also the most supportive and long-lasting product on the market. If you are a back or side sleeper and want a comfortable bed that will last longer than a decade, Talalay is by far the best bet. Dunlop is a less consistent product and doesn't help relieve shoulder and hip pressure as well as Talalay.

 Talalay Latex stays firmer longer and offers the best warranties on the market. Here at Bradley's, we are pleased to feature many layered or entire Latex Foam "Spring-less" Mattresses on our showroom with warranties up to 20 years! The Talalay process is the more pure and consistent of all foams and even other latex processes like Dunlop (uses a chemical foamer whereas the Talalay Process substitutes for a Vacuum Process helping it to be a healthier option) and Futuratex. Talalay has been tested to last twice as long as alternative products when in the top layers of a mattress. Memory, Innerspring and Gel Foam Hybrid mattresses normally have a 5-8 year lifespan in comparison.

 Finally, Talalay Latex is organic and natural. Other synthetic foam mattresses such as gel or memory foam are notorious for off-gassing due to dangerous chemicals used in the production process. And even when you are led to think that Dunlop foam is all natural many companies fail to disclose the use of chemical foamers in every Dunlop process. People with sensitivities to allergens and dangerous chemicals can feel safe knowing that the latex we use on every Talalay latex mattress we sell undergoes the strictest testing to ensure the most healthy product to sleep on and that allergic reactions to latex mattresses have been monitored by the FDA for the past 28 years and to our knowledge there has yet to be a single complaint. Three of our latex foam suppliers (Talalay Global, Vita Talalay, and Coco Latex) have certifications proving their compliance with these strict purity standards. Also, Talalay latex is naturally resistant to dust mites and bed bugs! Tests show that in 2 weeks dust mites die twice as fast in Talalay Latex in comparison to Dunlop, Memory Foam, and untreated cotton. 

Why shouldn't those with latex allergies be affected by these mattresses? Click here to read about how our latex is produced and why almost everyone is safe sleeping on latex!

Also, This Powerpoint presentation was shared with us when a manager from VitaTalalay (used in Savvy Rest Products) flew in all the way from the Netherlands. English was his second language so there are a few grammar errors but the overall message is powerful; if you're sensitive to chemicals, then it is in your best interest to upgrade to the purest Talalay Latex available!