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Bradley's Sleep 30 Day Mattress Exchange Program

We get it; It's tough to know after 15 minutes in the showroom whether or not your new mattress will work for the next 10 or 20 years of your life! So, for more than 50 Years, Bradley's Sleep has provided an exchange program to ensure your happiness.

Our policy is in line with almost all brick and mortar retailers in the area and allows for both fair and safe returns and repurchases for customers on both sides of the transaction. Unfortunately there are companies selling used mattresses as new ones to their customers illegally with no mention of discounted beds being actually used. Many of these will be sold as "scratch and dent factory damaged" beds, but more often than not are actually mattresses sold from truckloads of returned products from large mega stores like Costco... often after being used for several months up to a year before being resold to you. Also, be cautious when inquiring on how a company handles if they explain that they sell returned products to other companies to build refurbished beds. We have heard this several times from competitors but still to date have never been presented with a legit manufacturer that uses used toppers or foam layers in their beds. Sadly, reports pop up too frequently about retailers with free return policies being caught selling supposedly new mattresses that are in fact soiled with water, sweat, blood, hair, bed bugs, and worse!

We don't do that here at Bradley's; we guarantee that every mattress sold from our store is brand new and sealed in plastic unless marked on your invoice as a 30 day trial return or display model. Giving every customer the option to purchase a brand new mattress every time and include one exchange in case you're not completely happy is just one way Bradley's aims to better serve our customers.

This program comes at an expense to our company in that we have to take a loss on any returned bed that we resale (we offer customers a 25-40% discount depending on the bed on 30 day trial mattresses for sale). Rather than charge the full amount as a fee we offer to help take some of the expense and only charge 20% (Minimum $100 plus redelivery/swap out fees- ) for this service. We require that a Waterproof Mattress Protector be purchased in order for your 30 day trial period to be activated to help protect our future customer's health that choose to purchase a discounted returned product.

Details of exchange program:

·20% Restocking fee (min. $100) applies on all in stock or standard size mattresses and box springs (with the exception of the Serta iComfort Collection during their no cost 120 day trial promotion). This program requires that a Waterproof Mattress Protector was used on the mattress during the entire trial period and allows for a one time exchange per customer per year for comfort and/or size (no multiple exchanges).

· Returned mattress must be free of any sign of abuse or wear (marks, scrapes, stains, smells including smoke, etc.) or the exchange program will be void.

· Exchanges to less expensive mattresses only result in a refund if the new mattress is within 35% of the original mattresses' value less the restock and redelivery/swap out fees.

· Mattresses displayed on our showroom floor qualify for this exchange program. This policy does not apply for any special orders or custom sizes. Custom sizes include TwXLs, CalKings, Savvy Rest Models (the zippered custom models carry their own latex swap option for a charge), or other sizes or models that were special ordered. Adjustable beds, toppers, pillows, mattress protectors or sheets/covers, and bed frames do not have an exchange option with the exception of our 3-in-1 Dreamer Combo set which has a 40% restock fee option for a topper exchange.

· Normal delivery or shipping fees apply for exchanged mattresses.

 We require a new delivery charge to help prevent damage and dirt from mattresses brought back on their own. Also, this gives our delivery team a chance to inspect the mattress in your house to ensure it is clean and that it qualifies for the trial.

Our exclusive 30 day trial program is just another way Bradley's Sleep is dedicated to providing excellent service to our valued customers. With any questions concerning this service, please contact our management at 801-484-1007.

Bradley’s Sleep Etc. Staff