What should I know when shopping for a Mattresses?

Mattress shopping can be a very difficult and exhausting experience. Here at Bradley's, we try and break the process down to make it easier to choose the right bed based on your sleep pattern and budget. As always, feel free to speak with a sleep specialist by email or over the phone: Orders@SaltLakeMattress.com or 801-484-1007
The easiest way to group mattress categories is by separating Innersprings, Memory or Latex Foams, and Hybrids. Innersprings are the most common, most traditional, and least expensive type of Mattresses. Better quality innersprings with re-enforcements on edges and the center of the mattress will usually last 8 or more years, but even the best springs put pressure against the shoulder and hip area leading to poor spine alignment and discomfort for back and side sleepers. Memory and Latex foam mattresses have now helped millions of sleepers to sleep with less back and hip pressure and greater conformity (we recommend Talalay Latex for side sleepers) but normally cost more than innersprings (Also memory foam can have some draw backs such as heat, offgassing, etc.). Hybrids are the third category which combines an innerspring unit with a latex or memory foam topper. These are generally less expensive than all-foam mattresses yet still offer great support and conformity and are a great product for back and stomach sleepers.

Innerspring Mattresses:
For nearly 100 years, innersprings have been the standard system used in mattresses. Unfortunately, the standard "bonnell" coil that was used offered very little comfort and conformity and tended to develop pocketing. So as technologies improved, companies began using new coils that would flex more while still offering support. Many companies later began using lower density coils and less metal all together due to higher steel costs with a focus on initial comfort more than coil strength, and because of this we see more and more people come to our showroom frustrated because they bought a fairly expensive bed from one of our competitors that felt great for the first year or so then suddenly lost all its support. The largest culprit of these "beds that feel amazing for a few months and then start hurting my back and then get worse and worse" sets are basic individual pocket coils and cheap chinese made old-school bonnell coil units with tons of padding that are still on the marketplace.

To prevent that from happening with our customers, we focus on companies that focus on lasting comfort and coil life rather than temporary relief. Every coil unit on our floor is produced in the USA and is reinforced to promote longevity! Serta, our best selling brand, uses a patented connected spring called a continuous-coil system. This spring system features a long continuous wire which makes up the entire vertical lace of coils throughout the entire set so life is drastically expanded over the standard coil methods. Also for 2015, the Serta Perfect Sleeper Elite line uses a carbon steel zoned pocketed coil to offer even better pressure relief without sacrificing longevity. These two strong innerspring systems have earned Serta countless repeat customers as well as the title of America's Top Selling Mattress Company and is our recommended choice of name brand innerspring. We also feature a few Individual Pocketed models such as those from Spring Air and Restonic with re-enforced middles to ensure 10 years of life, increased conformity, and very little motion transfer.

Memory and Latex Foam Mattresses:
Innerspring mattresses have used foam on top of coil systems for quite some time but as companies placed more and more foam to help side and back sleepers sleep more comfortably, the life of the mattress would decrease as body impressions became a problem. With the help of NASA, Visco Elastic Foam or Memory Foam was developed for use in mattresses to give a more conforming surface that lasted as long as the spring system below it (see any of our Hybrid collections). After success with the hybrid combo companies like Tempurpedic began testing all foam versions of these beds. While they offered better weight distribution and motion isolation over their innerspring counterparts an unanticipated issue grew with heat transfer, inability to get enough pressure relief on side sleeper's shoulder and hip area, and a "trapped" feeling as the foam responded to body warmth over night.

A few mattress companies realized these problems (Serta and Savvy Rest to name a couple!) and looked for a better foam product that offered the same pressure relief. The answer came in Talalay Latex. Latex is an organic and anti-allergenic foam, rather than a synthetic like Memory Foam, and is breathable as well as instantly responsive. It costs a little more to make in that it must be harvested from Hevea or Rubber Trees but the extra benefits far outweigh the costs for those looking for the best sleep possible. Also, the natural Talalay Latex was found to be the longest lasting softer foam on the market with warranties and life expectancies that exceed 20 years. Be careful of other latex processes, such as Dunlop or Hevealux Latex and even synthetic Dunlop or Talalay Blends as the life-span can decrease quickly and the softness needed for side sleepers is lost. New USA produced "continual pour" methods are used in a few of our Spring Air and Restonic products and offer a softer support than standard dunlop latex beds. Talalay latex is also a green foam and doesn't off-gas and is safe for even those with latex allergies. We have decided to specialize in Talalay Latex foams and currently feature many different models with Talalay Latex including our 100% Certified Organic Savvy Rest Line! Click here to see each mattress specifications and our current pricing.

Also, we feature new gel or bamboo infused memory foam beds which improve on the Tempurpedic method by improving breath-ability and responsiveness. For those of you looking for the conforming feel of foam with out the expenses of Latex or the disadvantages of basic memory foam click to access our Advanced "cooler and responsive" Bamboo and Gel-Infused Memory Foam collections page.
 Edge reinforcements and center zoning reinforcements are key to increasing the life of a bed regardless whether you have chosen an innersping, Latex or Memory Foam bed, or a hybrid model. In innerspring mattresses, always ask about what has been done to minimize sagging in the middle or edges of a mattress (such as Serta using a 5-Zoned Support system in every Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress). Many foam beds on the market use what is called a "belly band" where only the middle third of the mattress features memory foam or latex. By doing this, you eliminate the support needed in the shoulder area for back and side sleepers and also prevent 90 degree rotations on King sized mattresses which also decreases life. We never use belly bands in our foam beds and always feature edge-to-edge latex or memory foam to increase longevity and conformity for all types of sleepers. Also, many of our more premium models feature higher-density latex or memory foam edge guards to further eliminate sagging sides!
There are both prorated and non-prorated warranties. Non-prorated warranties are the best and never decrease in value over time. Prorated warranties (Like with tires) ensure the product's function over the full time but if there is a warranty issue the buyer would only receive a portion of the initial mattress value back to repurchase a new one.  Always look at mattress warranties for an indication of the expected life. Most of our mattresses feature at least a 10 year non-prorated warranty and our Serta Talalay Latex and Savvy Rest Latex modes extend to 20 year warranties.