Premium Talalay and Dunlop Latex Rubber Mattresses with All-Natural Cover Materials including Tencel Fabric, Wool, and Organic Cotton 
 (No Synthetic Core Foams or Support Layers!)
On average you spend one third of the year in bed and you spend more time on your mattress than any other furniture in your house, but do you invest in a mattress that gives you the luxurious sleep experience you deserve? In traditionally designed mattresses there is a tradeoff between support and pressure relief. The firmer the mattress is, the less pressure relieving it is. The softer it is, the less supportive it is. Support is what holds you up and keeps your skeletal structure aligned. Pressure relief is achieved when you sink into a mattress a bit. By choosing a Posh and Lavish mattresses you don’t have to sacrifice one or the other and can finally achieve what Posh refers to as “total muscle relation”.. unlike any other mattress. When you lie down at the end of a long day, our latex mattresses form to your body to give you support where you need it, yet cradle pressure points like a cloud unlike any other product on the market. Last but not least, Talalay mattresses tend to last 20 or years without breaking down!

 Rather than use memory foams, cheap synthetic polyurethane foams, polyester fibers, or gel-cell mattresses these Posh and Lavish beds provide much less sagging and breakdown, the best muscle-relaxing comfort, and superior breath-ability and humidity reduction for better sleeping temperatures. All of the mattresses featured on this page use premium components such as rubber latex instead of poly foams or gels (~10x more expensive), wool flame barriers instead of synthetic rayon (~5x more expensive), and Tencel eucalyptus wood pulp or organic cotton instead of polyester or cotton blends (~5x more expensive) to improve your overall sleep, yet our beds cost about the same as most on the market and in many cases even less since we have made the decision to use word of mouth advertising instead! These beds are the best option we’ve found for all types and sizes of sleepers but especially back and/or side-sleepers to sleep cool and comfortably. You have to try it to believe it! 
Posh and Lavish Oeko-Tek Certified Latex Toppers and Pillows
Avail. in Full and Queen 3" $649, Queen 2" $599, King 2" $699 or 3" $749, and Cal King 3" $749 (Twin and XL Discontinued) LOW QUANTITIES REMAINING